Historic Preservation and Urban Planning Overview

Staff reviews projects and makes recommendations to the Historic District Board of Review, Chatham County Historic Preservation Commission, Historic Site and Monument Commission, Chatham County Resource Protection Commission and the Metropolitan Planning Commission on historic preservation matters.

Federal and State Preservation Tax Incentives

If a property is listed or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, individually or as part of a district, it is eligible for federal and state tax incentives. The Georgia State Historic Preservation Office provides information regarding eligibility and the application process on their website.

Savannah NHL Distric Integrity and Condition Assessment - Final Report

The National Park Service has published a report entitled: Integrity and Condition Assessment: Savannah National Historic Landmark District, 2018.

Additional Information and Brochures

These brochures were developed to answer the mostly commonly asked questions regarding preservation within Savannah's historic districts

What constitutes In-Kind Repair and Replacement?

How to begin Building in Historic Savannah.

What to do after you've received a Stop Work Order in a Historic District.

Everything you need to know about Windows in Savannah's Historic Districts.

Sustainability for Historic Buildings

Local Historic Districts

Need detailed information regarding one of Savananh's local historic districts? Find boundary maps, links to ordinances, guidelines, COA applications, and more.

Appointed Commissions

Commissions are appointed by City and County officials to help protect our significant cultural and natural resources.

National Register of Historic Places

The City of Savannah has dozens of historic districts listed or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. We maintain a map of all districts. Interested in becoming a National Register Historic District? Find out more here.