Chatham County - Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission

Location: 110 E State St, Savannah, GA

Mail to: PO Box 8246, Savannah, GA 31412

Telephone: 912.651.1440
Fax: 912.335.5922

The Chatham County - Savannah MPC hosts several departments and provides administrative support to several boards and commissions throughout Chatham County and the City of Savannah. If your business concerns a department of the MPC, contacting them directly usually results in faster service.

Department Contact Email Telephone
Executive Director Melanie Wilson 912.651.1446
Administrative Christy Adams 912.651.1459
Comprehensive Planning James Small 912.651.1454
Development Services Marcus Lotson 912.651.1497
Financial and Systems Director Melony West 912.651.1448
Historic Preservation Ellen Harris 912.651.1482
Savannah Area GIS Lara Hall 912.651.1451
Transportation Planning Mark Wilkes 912.651.1477
Chatham County Zoning Board of Appeals
Savannah Zoning Board of Appeals