SAGIS Services Overview

Savannah Area Geographic Information System or SAGIS is focused on providing access to geospatial data in a standardized format to all interested parties. The SAGIS mission is to consolidate geospatial information into one central location, providing a one stop access to information. SAGIS works with the City of Savannah, Chatham County, The Metropolitan Planning Commission and a variety of other non-profit and private organizations to maintain standards, manage data, educate and coordinate projects that affect the greater Savannah - Chatham County area.

SAGIS shares the geographic information developed by our partners with the public in various formats, including our SAGIS Map Viewer and our SAGIS ArcGIS Online web sites. SAGIS also makes the data available for download on our Open Data webpage.

SAGIS supports geospatial education in our community through the organization of GIS Day Savannah every year. More information about this annual event is available on the GIS Day Savannah website.

SAGIS is governed by a board that consists of the City Manager of the City of Savannah, the County Manager of Chatham County, the Director of Georgia Tech - Savannah, and a number of rotating seats that are appointed by the permanent members of the board.

The MPC is seeking qualified applicants for the position of GIS Specialist. Applications accepted through October 7, 2018.

SAGIS Board Members

The SAGIS Board was established January 1, 1991 by a joint agreement among the Board of Commissioners of Chatham County, the Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah, Savannah Electric Power Company (now Georgia Power), and the Chatham County - Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC). On November 16, 2006 the SAGIS Board voted to continue SAGIS as an operational department of the Chatham County - Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission. This Inter-Governmental Agreement became effective June 22, 2007.

Matt Gignilliat, Regional External Affairs Manager, Georgia Power Coastal Region
Paul P. Hinchey, President/CEO St. Joseph's/Candler Health System
James Collins, Resident City of Savannah
G. Holmes Bell IV, CEO Hussey Gay Bell
Roberto Hernandez, Savannah City Manager
Lee Smith, Chatham County Manager

SAGIS is supported by MPC staff:
Melony S. West, Financial and Systems Director
Lara Hall, GISP, SAGIS Director
Kevin Macleod, GISP, GIS Programmer/Analyst
Mandy Terkhorn, GIS Analyst
Ashley Marshall, GIS Technician
Roger Beall, MPC IT Director