April 21, 2009 Regular MPC Board Meeting
Agenda Item #12

Continental Self Storage


639 East Park Avenue
Continental Self Storage
Aldermanic District:  2
County Commission District:  2
Zoning District:  P-B-G-2
Acres:  1.95
PIN:  2-0054-02-005
Continental Self Storage Inc., Owner
Downer Davis, Davis Engineering, Agent
MPC File No.:  P-090127-50245-2

Marcus Lotson, MPC Project Planner


The petitioner has met all requirements. Staff recommends APPROVAL

Summary of Variances
No Variances are requested

Additional Information

The General Development Plan for this site was approved on February 17 with the condition that the petitioner submits a Specific Development Plan so that public comments could be heard relative to tree plantings, greenspace and buffering requirements on the property. The City of Savannahs Park and Tree Department has approved the petitioners plan and requested that the petitioner remove some of the proposed plantings as a root protection measure for street trees recently planted by the City. In the opinion of the Tree Ordinance Administrator the combination of tree plantings provided by the City and the petitioner is ample and provides the necessary greenspace for this project.

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