Arthur A. Mendonsa Hearing Room July 7, 2009 1:30 PM FINAL Agenda
July 7, 2009 Regular MPC Board Meeting
Agenda Item #5

Bob's Storage -10901 Abercorn Street


10901 Abercorn Street
New Cellular WTF at Bob's Storage
Aldermanic District: 6
County Commission District: 6
Zoning District: PUD-BN
Acres: 5.3
PIN: 2-0693-05-003
Savannah Storage Associates, Owner
Fred Womble, SBA Network Services, Agent
MPC File No. T-090402-41934-2

Jack Butler, MPC Project Planner

Request to construct a non-concealed 195-foot wireless telecommunications facility behind a self-storage facility.


Staff has requested that this item be removed from the Agenda and postponed to the July 28, 2009 Regular Meeting.

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