Arthur A. Mendonsa Hearing Room July 7, 2009 1:30 PM FINAL Agenda
July 7, 2009 Regular MPC Board Meeting
Agenda Item #12

315 East Park Avenue - New construction of a detached single family dwelling and side yard setback variance.


315 East Park Avenue
Victorian PNC New Construction
Aldermanic District: 1
County Commission District: 8
Zoning District: 2-R
PIN: 2-0053-02-019
JSRB Ventures
John Sumner
MPC File No: N-090605-56746-2

Beth Reiter, MPC Project Planner

The petitioner requests approval to construct a one-story single family dwelling.

APPROVAL of the design of a one and one-half story single family detached dwelling and APPROVAL of a 4.5 foot side yard setback variance.

Summary of Variances
4.5 foot side yard setback variance

Additional Information

Attachment:  Location and elevations.pdf
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