Arthur A. Mendonsa Hearing Room June 16, 2009 1:30 PM Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2009 Regular MPC Board Meeting
Agenda Item #3

Hollow Oak Inert Landfill

2814 Fort Argyle Road
Hollow Oak Landfill
County Commission District: 6
Zoning District: P-D-R
Acres: 19.06
PIN: 1-1048 -01-001A
James Wrenn, Owner
Thomas Mahoney, Jr., Agent
MPC File No. P-090513-00034-1

Jim Hansen, MPC Project Planner

Request to amend Specific Plan in order to extend closing date. 


The petitioner has requested that this item be removed from the Agenda and postponed to the July 28, 2009 Regular Meeting.

Summary of Variances

Additional Information