Arthur A. Mendonsa Hearing Room May 5, 2009 1:30 PM
May 5, 2009 Regular MPC Board Meeting
Agenda Item #13

Petition to amend section 8-3025 (46) City of Savannah Zoning Ordinance


Text Amendment to the City of Savannah Zoning Ordinance
Re:  Amend Section 8-3025 sub section 46 (B & I use schedule)Cadie McEachin, Petitioner
Meredith Gaunce, Agent
MPC File No.: Z – 090420-38821-2

Marcus Lotson, MPC Project Planner



The MPC staff hereby recommends APPROVAL of the Zoning Petition Text Amendment to include the language, “retail sale (limited manufacturing permitted with no off-site delivery of ice products.” to section 8-3025 (46) of the City of Savannah Zoning Ordinace.

Summary of Variances

No variances are requested.

Additional Information

Attachment:  Staff Report.pdf
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