Staff Directory

Melanie Wilson Executive Director 912-651-1440
Pamela Everett Assistant Executive Director 912-651-1465
Gabriel Bassey Advanced Planning 912-651-1479
Roger Beall Financial and Systems 912-651-1452
Stacy Bennett Administration 912-651-1460
Debbie Burke Natural Resources 912-651-1480
Caitlin Chamberlain Historic Preservation 912-651-1492
Jasmine Champion CORE MPO 912-651-1476
Warren Durrer Administrative Services 912-651-1459
Nirav Gandhi Development Services 912-651-1496
Ethan Hageman Historic Preservation 912-651-1483
Lara Hall SAGIS 912-651-1451
Sally Helm Administration 912-651-1462
Asia Hernton CORE MPO 912-651-1456
Melissa Paul-Leto Development Services 912-651-1468
Marcus Lotson Development Services 912-651-1497
Leah G. Michalak Historic Preservation 912-651-1453
Mary Mitchell Administration 912-651-1457
Sabrina Morgan Administration 912-651-1461
David Ramsey Information Services and Mapping 912-651-1473
Andrew Rich SAGIS 912-651-1443
Mandy Terkhorn SAGIS 912-651-1458
Wykoda Wang CORE MPO 912-651-1466
Temperance West Financial and Systems 912-651-1448
Julie Yawn Financial and Systems 912-651-1469
James Zerillo Historic Preservation 912-651-1449