Melanie Wilson, Executive Director

Comprehensive Planning Department

The Comprehensive Planning department prepares the long-term plan, known as the Chatham County – Savannah Comprehensive Plan, which describes specific goals and strategies designed to achieve a shared community vision. The Comprehensive Plan brings focus to the fundamental elements required for our community to thrive, such as housing, green space, transportation, and economic development.

The Comprehensive Planning staff works to ensure that other plans and projects are consistent with the goals and objectives identified in the Chatham County – Savannah Comprehensive Plan.

The Chatham County - Savannah Comprehensive Plan

As of February 2017, the City of Savannah and Chatham County adopted the Comprehensive Plan. This document provides the broad vision for the community, future land use map, detailed goals, and a short term work program. The Plan was created in coordination with the Chatham Community Blueprint - a strategic plan for Savannah and Chatham County. The document can be downloaded using the links below.