Coastal Region MPO

Melanie Wilson, Executive Director
Mark Wilkes, Director, Transportation

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), staffed by the MPC, provides a forum for local decision-making regarding federal transportation funds for urbanized areas. The Coastal Region (CORE) MPO Board sets regional, long-term transportation policy; prioritizes projects; and approves the long-range plan, short-range TIP, and other required documents.

Transportation Plan

The MTP is a comprehensive “blueprint” for area transportation services aimed at meeting mobility needs through the next 20+ years.

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Transportation Projects

The CORE MPO Fiscal Year 2018-2021 TIP has approximately $600 million programmed for highway projects and approximately $35 million programmed for transit projects.

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Latest News ...

Reopening Request for Proposal for Flood Modeling Tools (FMT)

The MPC, on behalf of the CORE MPO, is reopening its request for proposals for the research and design of flood modeling and decision-planning tools that will allow for optimal planning and design of resilient and equitable transportation infrastructure systems. Qualified proposers are invited to submit sealed proposals on or before January 18, 2022, no later than 5:00 PM (ET). All questions, clarifications, and communications concerning this solicitation shall be submitted in writing via-email to the Executive Director of the MPC through Sally Helm. See the Request for Proposal for specific conditions and instructions.

SR 21 Access Management Study Community Meeting

CORE MPO is hosting a community meeting held in conjunction with the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting on Thursday, December 9, 2021. The CAC meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. and the SR 21 Access Management presentation will begin at approximately 6 p.m. All members of the community are invited to join, no pre-registration is required. Join us for a conversation about proposed solutions for the SR 21 Corridor! Click here for more information about the SR 21 Access Management Study community meeting.

FY 2021-2024 December TIP Amendments

CORE MPO is inviting the public to review and comment on the proposed December 2021 TIP Amendments. The comment period starts on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 and ends on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. Please send comments to Alicia Hunter via:
Text: Send texts to
We accept comments at the public hearing (virtually or in-person) on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

Regional Freight Transportation Plan Update RFP

MPC, on behalf of the CORE MPO, issued a request for proposals for a Regional Freight Transportation Plan Update. The deadline to submit proposals concluded on Friday, December 3. Consultant selection is expected to occur the week of February 1, 2022 (subject to confirmation).

2021 Call for Projects

CORE MPO concluded a Call for Projects for Z230 and CRRSAA Funds. The deadline for applications was September 30, 2021. Application packages and submitted applications can be reviewed.

Call for Plans and Studies

CORE MPO conducted a Call for Plans & Studies for the FY 2023 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) in September 2021. The results of the call for plans and studies and the overall FY 2023 UPWP development can be reviewed.

FY 2021-2024 TIP Amendments

CORE MPO adopted updates to the FY 2021-2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The FY 2021 - 2024 TIP, updates, and amendments can be reviewed.

SR 21 Access Management Study

CORE MPO, in collaboration with the City of Garden City, is undertaking the State Route (SR) 21 Access Management Study from I-516 to Grange Road. To receive updates, sign-up for our mailing list. To learn more about this study, visit the study website.

CORE MPO Adopts FY 2022 UPWP

CORE MPO adopted the FY 2022 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) on April 28, 2021.

2045 MTP Amendments

CORE MPO adopted updates to the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). The most recent amendments can be reviewed. Visit the study website to learn more about the plan and previous updates.

CORE MPO TMA Certification Review

FHWA and FTA have completed their quadrennial review of the CORE MPO’s Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process and have certified the MPO for another four years. The CORE MPO is now federally certified until March 31, 2025. To read the full certification report, click here.

Non - Motorized Transportation Plan 2020 Update

Updates to the Non - Motorized Transportation Plan were adopted in February 2020..

Mobility 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Adopted

The Mobility 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the next 25+ years was adopted August 7, 2019.

Updates to Title VI planning documents and Participation Plan Adopted

CORE MPO adopted the Title VI updates and Participation Plan updates on August 7, 2019. The updated planning documents include Title VI Plan, Participation Plan, Language Assistance Plan, and Environmental Justice Plan.