City of Savannah Zoning Regulations

The City of Savannah maintains the authoritative zoning ordinances. The documents below are provided for reference only.
Table of Contents
Article A: Generally
Sec. 8-3001 Enactment clause and Definitions.
Sec. 8-3002 Enactment clause and Definitions.
Sec. 8-3003 Short title.
Sec. 8-3004 Applicability of chapter.
Sec. 8-3005 Purpose of chapter.
Sec. 8-3006 Interpretation and application of chapter.
Sec. 8-3007 Compliance with chapter.
Sec. 8-3008 Only one principal building upon lot.
Sec. 8-3009 Reduction or change in lot size.
Sec. 8-3010 Maintenance of open spaces.
Sec. 8-3011 Location of accessory uses or buildings.
Sec. 8-3012 Determination of building coverage.
Sec. 8-3013 Vision clearance at intersections.
Sec. 8-3014 Location of buildings on lots with multiple frontage.
Sec. 8-3015 Street access.
Sec. 8-3016 Remedies when buildings, etc., erected, etc., in violation of chapter.
Sec. 8-3017 Penalties.
Sec. 8-3018 to 8-3020 Reserved.
Article B: Zoning Districts
Sec. 8-3021 Established.
Sec. 8-3022 Zoning map.
Sec. 8-3023 Interpretation of zoning district boundaries.
Sec. 8-3024 Prohibited uses.
Sec. 8-3025 Regulation as to uses.
Sec. 8-3025(a) Index for C and R .
Sec. 8-3025(a) C and R Use Schedule.
Sec. 8-3025(b) Index for B and I Use Schedule.
Sec. 8-3025(b) B and I Use Schedule.
Sec. 8-3025(c)(d)(e)(f)(g) Development standards.
Sec. 8-3025(g) Street Classification Map.
Sec. 8-3026 Planned office center district.
Sec. 8-3027 Planned neighborhood conservation district.
Sec. 8-3028 Victorian planned neighborhood conservation district.
Sec. 8-3029 Cuyler-Brownville planned neighborhood conservation district.
Sec. 8-3030 Historic district.
Sec. 8-3031 Planned district.
Sec. 8-3032 Planned development for certain nonconforming uses.
Sec. 8-3033 Planned unit development.
Sec. 8-3034 Planned unit development residential (PUD-R).
Sec. 8-3035 Planned unit development multifamily (PUD-M).
Sec. 8-3036 Planned unit development community (PUD-C).
Sec. 8-3037 Planned unit development business (PUD-B).
Sec. 8-3038 Planned unit development industrial (PUD-IN).
Sec. 8-3039 Planned unit development institutional (PUD-IS).
Sec. 8-3040 Planned unit development institutional (PUD-IS-B).
Sec. 8-3041 Development standards in P-R-T districts.
Sec. 8-3042 Development standards in P-D-R districts.
Sec. 8-3043 Development standards in P-D-M districts.
Sec. 8-3044 Development standards in B-B districts.
Sec. 8-3045 Development standards in P-R-6-S districts.
Sec. 8-3046 Planned unit development mixed use (PUD mixed use-MXU).
Sec. 8-3047 Development standards in PUD-LU zoning districts.
Sec. 8-3048 Street classification map.
Sec. 8-3049 Fred Wessels / Hitch Village PUD.
Sec. 8-3050 The Cove at Dundee PUD.
Article C: Exceptions and Modifications
Sec. 8-3051 Walls and fences.
Sec. 8-3052 Structures excluded from height limitations.
Sec. 8-3053 Reserved.
Sec. 8-3054 Reduction of front yard setback requirements.
Sec. 8-3055 Substandard lots of record.
Sec. 8-3056 Group development standards.
Sec. 8-3057 Width of side yards abutting street.
Sec. 8-3058 Reduction in rear yard size for certain lots fronting on lanes.
Sec. 8-3059 Off-street parking, etc., facilitites in I-H districts.
Sec. 8-3060 When development plans required for sites in B-N and B-C districts.
Sec. 8-3061 When a site development plan is required.
Sec. 8-3062 Duplex and accessory dwelling standards in R-6-A districts.
Sec. 8-3063 Limited fraternal order or lodge meeting hall standards.
Sec. 8-3064 Visual controls for new development within established one and two family neighborhoods.
Sec. 8-3065 R-6-C neighborhood revitalization overlay district map.
Sec. 8-3066 Visual buffers and screening.
Sec. 8-3067 Maximum lot area coverage for existing single family substandard lots.
Sec. 8-3068 to 8-3080 Reserved.
Article D: Off-Street Parking and Service Requirements
Sec. 8-3081 Generally.
Sec. 8-3082 Plan and design standards.
Sec. 8-3083 Nonconforming off-street loading and parking facilities.
Sec. 8-3084 Continuation of nonconforming parking and loading facilities.
Sec. 8-3085 Notice of nonconformance to be given.
Sec. 8-3086 Discontinuance of nonconforming parking and loading facilities.
Sec. 8-3087 Increases in lot size.
Sec. 8-3088 Remote parking facility.
Sec. 8-3089 Minimum space requirements for off-street parking areas.
Sec. 8-3090 Exempted uses and special off-street parking requirements for specified zoning districts.
Sec. 8-3091 Minimum requirements for off-street parking areas.
Sec. 8-3092 Minimum space requirements for uses not specifically covered by sections 8-3089, 8-3090 and 8-3091.
Sec. 8-3093 Additional off-street parking regulations for commercial establishments.
Sec. 8-3094 Continuing character of obligation.
Sec. 8-3095 Variations by Board of Appeals.
Sec. 8-3096 Storage and disposal facility.
Sec. 8-3097 to 8-3110 Reserved.
Article E: Signs
Sec. 8-3111 Generally.
Sec. 8-3112 Sign permits - Required.
Sec. 8-3113 Same - Issuance; appeals by aggrieved persons.
Sec. 8-3114 Same - Application; plans to be submitted.
Sec. 8-3115 Same - Additional information may be required.
Sec. 8-3116 Same - When not required.
Sec. 8-3117 Special sign districts - Created.
Sec. 8-3118 Same - General requirements.
Sec. 8-3119 Broughton Street sign district created.
Sec. 8-3120 River Street - Factors Walk sign district created.
Sec. 8-3121 Historic sign district created.
Sec. 8-3122 Plant Riverside sign district created.
Sec. 8-3123 to 8-3130 Reserved.
Article F: Nonconforming Uses
Sec. 8-3131 Generally.
Sec. 8-3132 Limitations on continuance.
Sec. 8-3133 Limitations on use of land or building by nonconforming uses.
Sec. 8-3134 Changes in nonconforming uses.
Sec. 8-3135 Alterations.
Sec. 8-3136 to 8-3140 Reserved.
Article G: Administration and Enforcement
Sec. 8-3141 Powers and duties of zoning administrator generally.
Sec. 8-3142 Demolition permits required.
Sec. 8-3143 Building permits.
Sec. 8-3144 Occupancy permit required.
Sec. 8-3145 When occupancy permit required.
Sec. 8-3146 Wetlands protection.
Sec. 8-3147 Groundwater recharge area protection.
Sec. 8-3148 Sign permits.
Sec. 8-3149 Final inspections.
Sec. 8-3150 Duties of commissioner of health generally.
Sec. 8-3151 Filing of applications for permits.
Sec. 8-3152 Duration of validity of building permits.
Sec. 8-3153 Zoning administrator to provide reasons for denial of permits.
Sec. 8-3154 Appeals from decisions of zoning administrator.
Sec. 8-3155 Authorization of zoning administrator to issue permit.
Sec. 8-3156 to 8-3160 Reserved.
Article H: Board of Appeals
Sec. 8-3161 Generally.
Sec. 8-3162 Officers, meetings; quorum; minutes; proceedures generally.
Sec. 8-3163 Powers and duties generally.
Sec. 8-3164 Assistance by zoning administrator; occupancy permit required.
Sec. 8-3165 Appeals.
Sec. 8-3166 Calendar of appeals.
Sec. 8-3167 Public hearings.
Sec. 8-3168 Forms.
Sec. 8-3169 to 8-3180 Reserved.
Article I: Amendments
Sec. 8-3181 Initiation of amendments.
Sec. 8-3182 Procedure for amendment.
Sec. 8-3183 Standards and criteria for making zoning map amendments.
Sec. 8-3184 to 8-3190 Reserved.
Article J: Wireless Telecommunications Facilities
Article K: Mid-City (Thomas Square) District Zoning Ordinance
Article L: New Hampstead PUD
Article M: Public Notice
Article N: Savannah River Landing Planning Unit Development
Article O: Alcohol Density Overlay District
Article P: Hotel Development Overlay District
Article Q: Conservation Overlay District